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Wave 360

The highest degree of splash deflection for less cleaning

Wave 360 Spiced Apple

The highest degree of splash deflection

Wave 360

360° Deflection

Fragrance lasts 60 days

60 Days

Dual Sided Design

Patented High Fragrance Load

Beneficial Bacteria

Replacement Reminder

Patented Performance

The Wave 360 is designed with both vertical AND horizontal protrusions providing the highest level of urine diffusion available in a 60-day screen. Only Fresh Products has a patented high fragrance load that gives it the most fragrance of any competitor to truly last 60 days.

Error-free Installation

The unique two-sided design helps with reducing urine splash, but also prevents incorrect installation which can result in increased splash. The Wave 360 makes it easy, simply place it over the drain in the urinal and you’re done.

Replacement Reminders

The Wave 360 comes with reminder tabs along the top and bottom edges of the screen. Simply pull off the week tab and the month tab that corresponds to 60 days from installation. Now it’s easy to remember when to replace the screen.

Beneficial Bacteria

The Wave 360 contain billions of beneficial bacteria that consumes odors at the source, so it doesn’t just mask them. These amazing bacteria also help keep drains clean, clear, and smelling fresh.

Available Fragrances

Cotton Blossom
Cucumber Melon
Herbal Mint
Spiced Apple
Summer Sunshine

Product FAQs

Do you offer custom fragrances for any of your products?2023-07-26T11:52:10-04:00

Yes but any time we roll out anything custom of that sort of scale, we require a sizable commitment.

Technical Specifications

Image Length Width Height Weight
Wave 360 Spiced Apple 8″ 7.5″ 1″ 108 gm
Length Width Height Weight Cubic Feet Pieces Boxes per Case
9.5″ 7.5″ 5″ 2.2lbs 5 Pieces 6 Per Master
Length Width Height Weight Cubic Feet Pieces Pallet
16″ 10.375″ 15.75″ 13.7 lbs. 30 Pieces 60 Cases per Pallet
Harmonized Code Schedule B Tarriff Code Country of Origin State Restriction Country Restriction Item Code
3307.90 3307.90.0000 USA None None W360
Full Item Number Fragrance Name Color Master UPC Inner UPC
W360-F-005I030M-01 Spiced Apple Red
W360-F-005I030M-02 Cucumber Melon Green
W360-F-005I030M-04 Mango Orange
W360-F-005I030M-05 Herbal Mint Green
W360-F-005I030M-06 Cotton Blossom Blue
W360-F-005I030M-11 Fabulous Purple
W360-F-005I030M-25 Summer Sunshine Orange
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