ourfreshe | Plug in to a better air care experience

Plug in to a Better Air Care Experience

ourfreshe dispenser with Seaside Breeze refill
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Plug in to a Better Air Care Experience

No installation required icon

No Installation Required


Natural Oils

Lasts 30 Days

Lasts 30 Days

Charcoal filter icon

Charcoal Filter


Recycle Program

No battery required icon

No Battery Required

ourfreshe - Plug in to a better air care experience
Product Video

Plug in to a better air care experience

ourfreshe - Plug in to a better air care experience
Product Video

Plug in to a better air care experience

Improves Air Quality

The high-speed fan draws air through the charcoal filter, helping to clean the air for a better experience.

ourfreshe air freshener with charcoal filter helps clean the air before freshening
ourfreshe plug-in air fresheners front and back features

Easy to Use

The rotating plug works in any 3-prong outlet and rotates by 90° or 180°. The intensity button allows you to select the right setting, and there are no screws or tape needed to install.

Premium Performance

The 30-day air-freshening for larger spaces. Dry fragrance refills contain 3-5 times more fragrance than grocery store purchased plug-ins and freshens more space.

ourfreshe in hotel lobby and fragrance refills

Environmentally Friendly

Taking care of the planet is important. Refills are 100% recyclable, contain a biodegradable additive, and there are no batteries required. Additionally, the ourfreshe refills are part of our closed loop recycling program. Click here to learn more about our recycling program!

Available Fragrances

tea Lily
Coconut Vanilla
Morning Lavender
Spa Minerals fragrance represented by blue spa mineral salts in a bowl
Spiced Apple fragrance badge represented by ripe red apples and cinnamon sticks
Summer Sunshine fragrance badge represented by sun shining through leaves

Technical Specifications

Image Length Width Height Weight
ourfreshe dispenser empty


4.19″ – US, UK, AUS

4.19″ – EU

2.71″ – US, UK, AUS

3.29″ – EU

6.68″ – US, UK, AUS

6.68″ – EU

238.6 gm – US, UK, AUS

238.6 gm – EU

ourfreshe refill in Morning Lavender light purple


3.87″ – US, UK, AUS, EU 0.857″ – US, UK, AUS, EU 4.32″ – US, UK, AUS, EU 72 gm” – US, UK, AUS, EU
Type Length Width Height Weight Pieces per Inner
Refill 5.0625″ 4.5″ 5.625″ 1.3 lbs 6
Type Length Width Height Weight Pieces per Master Inners per Master
Dispenser – US, UK, AUS

Dispenser – EU

9.17″ – US, UK, AUS

10.82″ – EU

8.77″ – US, UK, AUS

8.77″ – EU

7.08″ – US, UK, AUS

7.28″ – EU

4.85 lbs – US, UK, AUS

4.85 lbs – EU

6 – US, UK, AUS

6- – EU

Refill – US, UK, AUS, EU 14.38″ – US, UK, AUS, EU 10.88″ – US, UK, AUS, EU 6.5″ – US, UK, AUS, EU 8.2 lbs – US, UK, AUS, EU 36 – US, UK, AUS, EU 6 – US, UK, AUS, EU
Item Harmonized Code Schedule B Tariff Code Country of Origin State Restriction Country Restriction Item Code
Dispenser 8509.80 8509.80.90000 China None None OFE
Refill 3307.90 3307.90.0000 US None None OFENB
Item Full Item Number Fragrance Name Color Each UPC Inner UPC Master UPC
Dispenser OFE-F-000I006M N/A White/Grey 760034013697 N/A 760034013680
ourfreshe Refill OFENB-F-006I036M-01 Spiced Apple Dark Red 760034014724 760034013765 760034013758
ourfreshe Refill OFENB-F-006I036M-02 Cucumber Melon Green 760034014731 760034013789 760034013772
ourfreshe Refill OFENB-F-006I036M-06 Cotton Blossom Blue 760034014748 760034013802 760034013796
ourfreshe Refill OFENB-F-006I036M-07 Island Sunrise Orange 760034024396 760034024389 760034024372
ourfreshe Refill OFENB-F-006I036M-25 Summer Sunshine Light Orange 760034016483 760034013833 760034013826
ourfreshe Refill OFENB-F-006I036M-72 Coconut Vanilla White 760034016490 760034013857 760034013840
ourfreshe Refill OFENB-F-006I036M-78 Morning Lavender Light Purple 760034016506 760034013871 760034013864
ourfreshe Refill OFENB-F-006I036M-88 Spa Minerals Light Blue 760034016520 760034013895 760034013888