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What is the Best Active Air Freshener Solution?

The problem with other air freshening solutions is not just execution, it’s design. For example, sometime you may walk into a restroom only to be met with an eye-watering wall of pine or an unidentified floral smell. Other times all you experience is stale, musty, or down right stinky air. This is because most other active air freshening units are created from the perspective of “one size fits all” and are not engineered keeping the size of the space and it’s specific needs in mind. Therefore, more often than not, devices like grocery store air fresheners emit WAY too much fragrance in the beginning and deplete too quickly leaving behind a scent that no where near resembles how it started. In other solutions, fragrance may be delivered incrementally at specific intervals. This also results in bursts of fragrance that strong at first then tend fade very quickly. The experience you are greeted with when entering the space is dependent on those intervals and it is unlikely to be optimal.

Fresh Products has invented, engineered, and even manufactures it own full line of active air fresheners. Our air fresheners have been thoughtfully crafted to address a variety of odor neutralizing issues as well as provide an ambient fragrance experience for larger and medium size spaces. We even offer an air freshener solution for personal spaces.