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Tidal Wave Urinal Screen

The most effective 60 day urinal screen

Dual Sided Design

Patented High Fragrance Load

Lasts 60 days

Lasts 60 Days

Beneficial Bacteria

Individually Wrapped

Private Label Available

Video Preview

Tidal Wave with a splash of water

Dual Sided Splash Control

The dual sided design stops splash back no matter which side is up. This prevents incorrect installation which can result in a mess around the urinal. The Tidal Wave also comes with reminder tabs. Simply pull off the week tab and the month tab that corresponds to 30 days from installation.

Patented Performance

Only Fresh Products has a patented fragrance load that gives the Tidal Wave 5X more fragrance than the competition. The Tidal Wave lasts a full 60 days and then some which reduces labor by 50%.

Bacteria clears the drains

Beneficial Bacteria

The Tidal Wave doesn’t just mask odors, it eliminates them. It contains billions of beneficial bacteria that consumes odors and helps keep drains clean and clear.

Individually Wrapped

Gone are the days of opening a new package and having one of your screens go bad on the shelf. Tidal Wave is individually wrapped so each screen stays fresh!

Available Fragrances

Spiced Apple
Cucumber Melon
Honey Suckle
Herbal Mint
Fresh Bloom
Cotton Blossom

Product FAQs

Do you do custom fragrances for any of your products?2018-03-26T20:32:40+00:00

Yes but any time we roll out anything custom of that sort of scale, we require a sizable commitment.

What Tidal Wave fragrance is good for a gym locker room?2018-03-26T20:28:10+00:00

We recommend purchasing the coastal fragrance of Tidal Wave. The coastal fragrance has a very perfume fragrance that mixes well with the usual smell of cologne and body spray found in gym locker rooms.

Why would I use Tidal Wave over Wave 3D?2018-03-26T20:24:17+00:00

We recommend using Tidal Wave for facilities managed by you or your staff where a reduction in change outs is beneficial and where traffic is high. We believe gas stations, schools, homes, amusement parks, and airports will benefit from this screen the most.

Technical Specifications

Image Length width height weight
8″ 7 1/4″ 1″ 150g
Image Length width height weight Cubic Feet Pieces Boxes per Case
Tidal Wave Box

Tidal Wave inner box

8 7/8″ 8 3/4″ 7 11/16″ 2.4 lbs .37 ft3 6 Pieces 6 Per Master
Image Length width height weight Cubic Feet Pieces Pallet
22 11/16″ 9 5/8″ 17 11/16″ 16.6 lbs 1.69 ft3 36 Pieces 45 Cases
Harmonized Code Schedule B Tarriff Code Country of Origin State Restriction Country Restriction Item Code
3307.90.0000 EAR99 USA None None TWDS
Item Description Fragrance Inner UPC Each UPC Master UPC
TWDS-F-006I036M-01 TIDAL WAVE SA FRESH 36 PACK SPICED APPLE 760034011143 760034011396 760034011136
TWDS-F-006I036M-02 TIDAL WAVE CM FRESH 36 PACK CUCUMBER MELON 760034011167 760034011402 760034011150
TWDS-F-006I036M-03 TIDAL WAVE HS FRESH 36 PACK HONEY SUCKLE 760034011181 760034011426 760034011174
TWDS-F-006I036M-04 TIDAL WAVE MG FRESH 36 PACK MANGO 760034011204 760034011433 760034011198
TWDS-F-006I036M-05 TIDAL WAVE HM FRESH 36 PACK HERBAL MINT 760034011235 760034011440 760034011228
TWDS-F-006I036M-06 TIDAL WAVE CB FRESH 36 PACK COTTON BLOSSOM 760034011259 760034011457 760034011242
TWDS-F-006I036M-11 TIDAL WAVE FAB FRESH 36 PACK FABULOUS 760034011273 760034011464 760034011266
TWDS-F-006I036M-13 TIDAL WAVE COASTAL FRESH 36 PACK COASTAL 760034011365 760034011372 760034011358
TWDS-F-006I036M-15 TIDAL WAVE FB FRESH 36 PACK FRESH BLOOM 760034011297 760034011389 760034011280

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Sparkling green apple with nuances of fruity cantaloupe and pear, intertwined with jasmine, lily and musk.
Intensity: HIGH


White citrus, neroli and honeysuckle flow through the heart of jasmine, lavender, and almond flower; all supported by a touch of basil and geranium leaves
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Juicy orange, pink grapefruit and kiwi sparkle above a heart of peach nectar, tamarind and coconut milk; followed by a delectable dry-down of ginger, rhubarb and vanilla.
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Hints of citrus mingle with crisp, fresh cotton as they lead to the shimmering lavender bouquet at the heart of this fragrance. Rich wood notes are sweetened with vanilla and blended with sugared musk and golden amber for the soft, sweet residual tones of the lavender creation.
Intensity: HIGH


A clean and crisp fusion of wintergreen, spearmint, and green mint leaves blended with a hint of fresh eucalyptus.
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Refreshing notes of mint, spearmint are sparkled with fresh orange. The heart of lily is balanced with eucalyptus, rosemary, camphor and pine.
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A beautifully crisp arrangement of white freesia, jasmine, gardenia, and calla lilies balanced by a refreshing leafy aroma and hints of luscious heliotrope and sweet violet.
Intensity: HIGH


Golden apricot skin and pink peonies swirl with refreshing aloe vera and eucalyptus leaves, finished with a hint of praline.
Intensity: HIGH

Fresh Air

Herbal Mint fragrance

A spicy exotic blend of cinnamon, spearmint, wintergreen, clove and cardamom intertwined with sensual jasmine and fresh eucalyptus leaves warmed by sandalwood and amber.
Intensity: HIGH

Herbal Mint

Citrus is a mélange of orange, lemon and citrus verbena combined with sweet notes of nectarine, coumarin and vanilla.
Intensity: MEDIUM


Apple, cinnamon and clove are supported with fruity notes of peach, berry, pear and orange.
Intensity: MEDIUM


Aquatic notes are blended with citrus blossom, orange, and lemon. Floral heart infused with rose and jasmine is balanced with lavender, coumarin, musk and fir.
Intensity: MEDIUM


Mango, apricot skin and mandarin leaf notes are intertwined with raspberry, iris, gardenia, and followed by coumarin and brown sugar crystals.
Intensity: MEDIUM


Raspberry leaf and floral lily is infused with night jasmine and lush peony. Fruity heart of pear, orange and peach nectar is captured with dry down notes of heady ylang and musk.
Intensity: MEDIUM