ourfresh | The modern solution to metered aerosol

The modern solution to metered aerosol

ourfresh dispenser with cucumber mellon refill

The modern solution to metered aerosol

Patented Fragrance Load

Natural Oils

Recycle Program

Lasts 30 Days

Lasts 30 Days

Out Indicator

Smart & Efficient Technology

Smart chip technology runs the fan intermittently, turning longer as the 30 days progress (the fan does NOT run continuously)

Premium Performance

The high powered fan disperses fragrance more efficiently and consistently than metered aerosol. Liquid free, dry fragrance inserts release the right amount of light, appealing fragrance, reducing fragrance overload, and eliminating floor residue.

Easy to Refill

Easy magnetic closure makes replacing the refill and battery quick.

100% Recyclable

Taking care of the planet is important which is why ourfresh 2.0 is part of our closed loop recycling program. It’s fast, easy and free. Click here to learn more about our recycling program!

Available Fragrances

Coconut Vanilla
tea Lily
Island Sunrise
alpine Forest
Spa Minerals fragrance represented by blue spa mineral salts in a bowl
Summer Sunshine fragrance badge represented by sun shining through leaves

Technical Specifications

Image Length Width Height Weight


4.25″ 2″ 6.375″ 158.5 gm


4″ 0.86″ 4.42″ 72 gm
Type Length Width Height Weight Cubic Feet Eaches per Inner Inners per Master
Refill 11.88″ 8.75″ 2.75″  2.8lbs N/A 8 6
Type Length Width Height Weight Cubic Feet Pieces per Master Inners per Master
Dispenser 13.25″ 9″ 7.125″ 5.4 lbs N/A 12 12
Refill 18″ 8.75″ 12.5″ 17.6 lbs N/A 48 6
Item Harmonized Code Schedule B Tariff Code Country of Origin State Restriction Country Restriction Item Code
Dispenser 8414.59 8414.59.6595 China None None OFCAB
Refill 3307.9 3307.90.0000 US None None OFB
Item Full Item Number Fragrance Name Color Case UPC Master UPC Inner UPC Each UPC
ourfresh Refill OFB-F-008I048M-01 Spiced Apple Dark Red 00760034013239 00760034013222 00760034013208
ourfresh Refill OFB-F-008I048M-02 Cucumber Melon Green 00760034013260 00760034013253 00760034013246
ourfresh Refill OFB-F-008I048M-04 Mango Orange 00760034013291 00760034013284 00760034013277
ourfresh Refill OFB-F-008I048M-06 Cotton Blossom Blue 00760034013338 00760034013321 00760034013307
ourfresh Refill OFB-F-008I048M-07 Island Sunrise Orange 00760034024402 00760034024426 00760034024433
ourfresh Refill OFB-F-008I048M-09 Kiwi Grapefruit Light Red 00760034013345 00760034013352 00760034013369
ourfresh Refill OFB-F-008I048M-25 Summer Sunshine Light Orange 00760034013376 00760034013383 00760034013390
ourfresh Refill OFB-F-008I048M-54 Seaside Breeze Pink 00760034013406 00760034013420 00760034013437
ourfresh Refill OFB-F-008I048M-72 Coconut Vanilla White 00760034013444 00760034013451 00760034013468
ourfresh Refill OFB-F-008I048M-88 Spa Minerals Light Blue 00760034013475 00760034013482 00760034013499
Dispenser OFCAB-F-000I012M N/A White 00760034024822 00760034024839