You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. Rather than going through the trouble of reaching out to our customer service staff, we have a list of frequently asked questions that should help solve your problems!

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Can a fragrance be patented?2024-04-30T13:45:42-04:00

No. Fragrances cannot be patented.

What are some things I should consider when selecting a fragrance and product type?2024-04-30T13:44:37-04:00
    • How large is the area?
    • What is the airflow?
    • Does the area have high, medium, or low traffic?
    • What goes on in that particular area?
    • Are there areas that produce bad odors?
    • Do you want this area to produce a particular feeling?
Can fragrances trigger a memory?2024-04-30T13:41:48-04:00

Yes, and faster than our touch and taste senses. Unlike these senses, which first undergo central processing, scent travels immediately through various parts of your brain.

What are some of the effects associated with fragrances?2024-04-30T13:40:18-04:00
    • Energy = Citrus or Mint
    • Focus = Cinnamon
    • Alleviate Stress = Pine
    • Elevate mood = Vanilla or Bergamot
    • Curb Cravings = Grapefruit
    • Sleep = Lavender
    • Migraines = Apple

Source:  https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/26/scents-and-wellbeing_n_5193609.html

Why are some fragrances offered in some products and not others?2024-04-30T13:31:16-04:00

The volatility and rate of evaporation of fragrances play a role in determining for which products they are suitable. For example, Coconut Vanilla has very low volatility so it performs great in our active air fresheners  (myfresh, ourfresh, and ourfreshe) that have a fan to accelerate evaporation. They don’t perform as well in passive air fresheners such as Eco-Air or Curve which rely solely on the air movement in the room to evaporate fragrance.

Can I private label the Tsunami?2023-05-18T16:00:08-04:00

Yes, with a minimum order quantity.

How much splash reduction does the Tsunami provide?2023-05-18T16:00:27-04:00

Approximately 99%.

How do you know which side should face out on Tsunami?2023-05-18T16:02:39-04:00

Either side can face out, it works on both sides.

Do you need suction cups or something else to install the Tusnami?2023-05-11T09:15:08-04:00

No, it is designed to lean into the the urinal for support.

How do I know how much odor control I need?2023-07-26T11:41:07-04:00

Below we list out a few scenarios that may fit your bathroom:

Restroom Type I


Size: 100 sq ft
Low Traffic
Toilets: 1
Urinals: 0

Recommended Products:
1 P-Shield Commode Mat
1 Eco Bowl Clip
1 Curve on or near the trash can
Clean with Conqueror 103
Clean drains with Bio-Conqueror 105

Restroom Type II


Size: 100 sq ft
Size: approximately 300 sq ft
Medium Traffic
Toilets: 1
Urinals: 2

Recommended Products:
1 P-Shield Commode Mat
2 urinal screens (Wave 3D or Slant 7)
1 Eco Bowl Clip
1 ourfresh near the entrance
Clean with Conqueror 103
Clean drains with Bio-Conqueror 105

Restroom Type III


Size: 560 sq ft
High Traffic / Women’s restroom
Toilets: 8
Urinals: 0

Recommended Products:
1 myfresh in each stall
1 ourfreshe or 2 ourfresh units
Clean with Bio-Conqueror 105

Restroom Type IV


Size: 1,200 sq ft
High Traffic
Toilets: 4
Urinals: 12

Recommended Products:
4 Eco Bowl Clips
12 urinal screens (Slant 7 or Tidal Wave)
2 ourfreshe’s
Clean with Bio-Conqueror 105

How often does the myfresh fan spin?2018-08-29T08:36:43-04:00

The myfresh fan is set to only spin when you are within a few feet of the dispenser. The fan’s spin duration changes over time and the hi/lo settings adjust the period between each spin by 15 or 30 seconds respectively.

How much space will the myfresh cover?2018-08-29T08:33:02-04:00

The myfresh™ is designed to only cover a small area and is not intended for large open spaces.

To keep every inch of my restroom clean and smelling fresh I have to use multiple products. How do I keep the fragrances from mixing and getting out of hand?2018-04-30T15:06:33-04:00

The secret is fragrance layering. Get all of your products in the same fragrance so not only do you avoid multiple smells mixing to create one bad smell, but you also give the fragrance you are using more lasting power. You can also find complimentary fragrances. For instance, combining Mango and our Citrus fragrances together makes for a very pleasant experience.

We need splash reduction in our urinals but there are several employees that have fragrance sensitivities. What can we do?2018-04-30T15:04:55-04:00

We offer sever products without fragrance that will reduce splash back in the urinals and help keep the floors clean. Here is a list of products that we offer fragrance-free:

  • All our urinal and commode mats contain zero fragrance. They are made with a super absorbent pad that locks odors away, so fragrance is not needed.
  • The Wave 3D urinal screen has a “no fragrance” version that contains nearly no fragrance of any kind. The no fragrance Wave 3D can still come into contact with some trace amounts of fragrance oil during the manufacturing process.
There seems to constantly be urine splash around the men’s toilets and urinals. It’s damaging the floors and requires hours of cleaning to keep up with it.2023-07-26T11:43:08-04:00

The solution is in 3 easy steps.

  1. Reduce the amount of splash back by using a splash reducing urinal screen such as the Wave 3D, Slant7 or Tidal Wave.
  2. Prevent the urine from getting to the floor by using urinal or commode mates
  3. Remove all the damaging odor causing bacteria by cleaning with a product that contains enzymes. Enzymes consume odors at the source.
Why does my restroom get smelly shortly after I clean it?2023-07-26T11:44:27-04:00

Odor causing bacteria can leach into porous surfaces such as grout, wood, vinyl, etc. making it very difficult to completely get rid of odor. The solution is to use products containing enzymes that consume the odor causing bacteria, killing the odor at the source.  Here’s a list of all our products that contain bacteria eating enzymes:

Why do air fresheners never seem to last?2018-07-19T18:20:40-04:00

After using the same fragrance of air freshener repeatedly, it may seem to stop working. In many cases, this can be caused by the material used in the fragrance manufacturing process. With many air freshening materials, the bulk of the fragrance oils are released within the first 3 days of unwrapping the product. If you’re looking for a long term solution, it’s best to find air fresheners that use a slow release binding agent like all of our products. We not only have a patented method of binding our fragrance oils, but we also have a patented fragrance load. No one can have more fragrance than us.

The other cause is a phenomena known as fragrance fatigue. In simplest terms, the receptors in the human nose that detect smells will stop sending signals to the brain for a particular smell. It’s the same reason why you can’t smell the new perfume or cologne you bought only seconds after putting it on. We recommend changing the fragrances you use in order to combat this phenomena. For instance, instead of buying only a box of products in the Cucumber Melon fragrance, get a Mango fragrance as well. Switch between the two fragrances each month and fragrance fatigue will be less apparent.

Do I need a dispenser for the Eco Air?2018-03-26T20:51:34-04:00

The product is functionally the same with or without a dispenser, but we do advise using one in public spaces.

What can I fit an Eco Air into?2018-03-26T20:49:38-04:00

Eco Air fits in TC®, TimeMist®, Ecolab®, Hospeco®, Kimberly-Clark®, Vectair®, and general fan-dispensers.

Can I place the Eco Bowl Clip on the air duct of my car?2018-03-26T20:46:52-04:00

We’d recommend not placing the Eco Bowl Clip or any other EVA (our translucent plastic stuff) products on any areas that can get hot. EVA has a low melting point.

Can I place the Eco Bowl Clip on the inside of the toilet?2018-03-26T20:44:07-04:00

Yes. You can place the Eco Bowl Clip just about anywhere.

Do you offer custom fragrances for any of your products?2024-04-30T13:27:18-04:00

Custom fragrances have special requirements that must be met. Contact your local Fresh representative for details.

Which Tidal Wave fragrance is good for a gym locker room?2024-04-30T13:16:52-04:00

Our strongest fragrance, Herbal Mint, does a great job combating sweat and urine odors. If you don’t need something quite that strong, Fabulous is also a great option. The fragrance was inspired by the cleaner Fabuloso, which is a popular and very effective cleaner with a wonderful clean, soapy fragrance.

Why would I use Tidal Wave over Wave 3D?2018-03-26T20:24:17-04:00

We recommend using Tidal Wave for facilities managed by you or your staff where a reduction in change outs is beneficial and where traffic is high. We believe gas stations, schools, homes, amusement parks, and airports will benefit from this screen the most.

Do you have any allergen-free fragrances?2018-03-06T13:55:41-05:00

No, there is technically no such thing as an allergen free fragrance. Fragrances that boast being hypo allergenic tend to only be non-allergenic when making skin contact but not when inhaled. If there is a particular allergen you have, it’s best to avoid the oils that you know you are allergic to.

Is Bio Conqueror 105 Safe to use around pets?2018-07-19T18:21:34-04:00
How much Bio Snake Liquid should we use in the grease trap?2018-07-19T18:27:29-04:00

We actually have a nice little chart for this

Grease Trap or Interceptor Drains (No Grease Trap Fitted)
Size grease Trap Daily Dose Amount Drainage Run Daily Dose Amount
Up to 40 litres 100ml a day Up to 15 Metres 150ml a day
50-100 Litres 150ml a day 15 – 50 Metres 170ml a day
100-200 Litres 200ml a day 50 – 75 Metres 200ml a day
200-300 Litres 250ml a day Over 75 Metres 300ml a day
300-500 Litres 300ml a day
Over 500 Litres 350ml a day
Over 1,000 Litres 400ml a day
Over 2,000 Litres 500ml a day
What is Bio Conqueror 105’s pH?2018-02-07T15:45:47-05:00

It typically falls between 7-9. Very similar to the pH of tap water.

Can Bio Conqueror 105 be used with a septic tank?2017-12-06T14:25:38-05:00


Do we have documentation to support that Bio Conqueror 105 is a green product? A DFE rating?2018-02-07T15:46:25-05:00

All of our liquid products are green, but we do not have certifications for them.

Does Big Blue wear down the tank stopper like Clorox tablets?2018-02-07T15:46:46-05:00

Ours does not. Many products like Clorox tablets cause the rubber seals in toilet tanks to break down due to their pH levels. However, Big Blue’s pH is almost neutral.

Is Super Sorb harmful to plants?2018-02-07T14:23:11-05:00

Nope. In fact, you can mix supersorb into potting soil.

Are there any safety studies demonstrating that the Super Sorb kills bloodborne pathogens?2018-07-19T18:29:54-04:00

We certainly haven’t done any. At present, there are no bio actives in our formula that kill bloodborn pathogens.

Does Super Sorb contain any materials that would react with bleach?2017-12-06T14:25:10-05:00

There should be no risk of creating any toxic fumes when used with bleach. We have not tested the Super Sorb with high concentrations of bleach.

Why do my FSB5’s weigh under 5lbs?2018-02-07T14:25:40-05:00

Each block should weigh 3.75 lbs.  The competition weighs 5 lbs. but has over 2.5 lbs.  of filler.  Ours is 100% active ingredient so it lasts longer.

If a consumer is caught using a banned para product in a state that has banned the item, who is liable?2017-12-06T14:24:29-05:00

The user is responsible.  However, the distributor would need to inform the user that the product cannot be used in their state. The reason that the user is responsible is due to state use regulations and not federal regulations. Individual states can not prevent online commerce.

Which product can be used as an alternative to the Para Block and Screen?2018-07-19T18:36:25-04:00

Our most immediate replacement is the Fragrance Blocks. You can substitute your Para Urinal Screen  with the fragrance block alternative. However, if you’re looking to upgrade your urinal screens, we’d recommend the Wave 3D, Wave, or Tidal Wave.

Are the Citrus or Summer Sunshine fragrances available in clear products?2024-04-30T13:19:30-04:00

No. The Citrus and Summer Sunshine fragrance oils are naturally more orange in color causing clear products to always have an orange tint to them. We do offer clear items in Cotton Blossom and Mango.