Bio Snake Liquid

A low hassle grease trap treatment

All Natural

Product come individually wrapped

Individually Bottled

High Strength

Product can be private labeled

Private Label Ready


Spray Bottle

2-4oz. per gallon.

In the Laundry

1 oz. per load of laundry.

Trash Cans

Spray into can lining.

Mop Water

2-4 oz. per gallon.

Toilet Bowl

Spray in and around the bowl.

Floor Scrubbers

Safe to use with floor scrubbers.

Simple to Use

Bio Snake Liquid contains grease eating bacteria that helps reduce future grease build up in pipes and traps

Private Label Available

Bio Snake Liquid is available to be private labeled. Let us create a custom bottle just for you and your brand!

Technical Specification

Image Length width height weight
Bio-Snake – All-Purpose Drain Treatment-0 3 1/2″ 3 1/2″ 6 3/4″ 3 lbs.
Type Length width height weight Cubic Feet Pieces Pallet
Quart 14″ 10 1/2″ 11 1/4″ 28.4 lbs 1.17 ft3 12 Pieces 55 Cases
Pail 12 1/2″ 12 1/2″ 14 1/4″ 43.2 lbs. 1.17 ft3 4 Pieces 55 Cases
Gallon 18″ 12.5″ 9″ 29 lbs. 1.17 ft3 4 Pieces 49 Cases
Harmonized Code Schedule B Tarriff Code Country of Origin State Restriction Country Restriction Item Code
3307.90.0000 EAR99 USA None None EBC
Full Item Number
Case UPC
Each UPC