See what our customers have to say about Fresh

“Modular Concepts has been using the OurFresh dispensers and refills in several of our schools and commercial buildings, both for restrooms and common areas, and the results are fantastic! We constantly receive compliments from our customers and their customers about the pleasant smell and cleanliness of the areas where we have them installed!

Our Fresh system is simple to install. Each refill has a battery, and the fragrance lasts over 30 days. Our customers constantly compliment us on how good their restrooms and common areas smell, and complaints about the restrooms have been rare and far between since we started using OurFresh.

We strive to provide great service every night for all of our customers. After starting to use OurFresh products, our customers and their customers’ perceptions of cleanliness have gone up exponentially!

OurFresh dispensers are easy to install, work without interruption, and tell us when to change the refill. There is no simpler way to keep our customers happy and complaints down. We recommend OurFresh to any company that wants to enhance the perception of the quality of their services.”

Luiz - MA

“We have been using your products, the urinal screens, toilet bowl sanitizers/deodorizers, and wall-mounted air fresheners for four months and they have worked wonders. There has been an average of 7500 patrons in attendance per night, yet you would never know it from entering our bathrooms. They seem to hold up to all the extremes a stadium full of eager pedestrians can possibly cause. The combination of the three items we are using has made it not only manageable, but a pleasure to walk into our restroom facilities.”

Steve - PA

“Fresh Products has been a ‘breath of fresh air’ so to speak when it comes to customer air care preferences and the Easy Fresh system has proven to be a great alternative to traditional aerosol systems.”

Frank - KY

“Property managers are my new best friends! I show them the Eco Clip, and how it works, and as soon as they smell it, they order a box. They love it. They really care.” (How it smells)

David - CA

“The Fresh products we are selling are the best performing bathroom deodorizers on the market today. It is the most complete system and they have something for all odor control needs”

Steve - WI

“Fresh products are a perfect door opener to gain new business, specifically restaurants, convenience stores, grocery chains and bars.”

Lisa- TX

“Our ladies’ rooms were awful, and we needed a solution fast. Some of our employees had brought handheld deodorizers to spray, but the combination of bad stench and a strong floral fragrance only brought more attention to the problem. We installed BowlClips and EasyFresh dispensers from Fresh Products, and mirrored the fragrances. The two systems not only got rid of our odor issues, but we started getting compliments on what a nice restroom experience we had provided.”


“I like the recycling program to send the Easy Fresh cover back to the factory for recycling to a Wave.”


“Finally a system that you can smell the fragrance on the last day as good as the first day you installed them.”

Norb - OH

“These Eco Clips are excellent. I sell them to all of my customers. It is great to finally have something to make it smell better in the ladies room. They really work!”

Molly - MN

“The fact that Easy Fresh has a closed loop recycling program is of major importance to our sustainability committee.”

Bob, DE

“Sales are up 40% since we picked up Fresh Products. And we credit this to the Wave 2.0. It is the item everyone adds to their order by the case, “Oh can’t forget my Wave”. Customers are using Fresh Products in creative ways; the Eco Clip is not only being used in restrooms but in me customers’ vehicles!

Edward - GA

“First time in 23 years anyone has commented on how good the restrooms smell.”

“The Easy Fresh system in combination with the Wave urinal screen make our restrooms consistently smell great all the time.”

Julie - TX

“We were always fighting odors in the restroom no matter how much we cleaned or the product we used.  The Eco Air system, along with the Wave 2.0 and Bowl Clips, have solved all of our odor problems.  Great products!”

Elsa - SC

“We run 50 plus cattle trucks per day from here. Have you ever smelled a cattle truck? They’re awful and the Fresh Hang Tags are exactly what we needed. Of course we need the strongest-smelling one there is! We put them under the seat and the drivers don’t know it but, they sure appreciate the smell!”

Greg - SC

“The Wave is the most profitable item in our entire odor control category, with a great blend of volume, incremental growth, and margin.  While most items in this category are either commodity-based or knock-offs, Fresh continues to innovate in order to stay ahead of it’s competition, which has allowed us to retain our margin levels.”

Rick - CA

“The women patrons were jealous of the men’s restroom because the Wave 2.0 smelled so wonderful; they demanded Eco Clips for their bathroom!”

Andy - IA

“Thousands of people shop at our Flea Market every week. We tried everything out there to help with the smell of our   restrooms. From the first day we used the toilet bowl clips customers have complimented us on how clean our restrooms smell. For a couple weeks we ran out and all the bad smells returned. Having the product on clips allows us to place them high enough that no one can steal them, which was always a problem before.”


“We have been very pleased with The Wave logo embossed urinal screen as both a deodorizing product and a promotional tool.  We like to use every possible option to set our company apart from the competition and have found that Fresh Products gives us new and unique products that assist us in accomplishing our goals. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Fresh Products and can’t wait to see what they come up with next!”

Dan - IL