Dr. Jeff Smith

VP of Operations and R&D

As the technical architect behind Fresh innovation, Jeff has left his mark on the category and the industry.  With several patents awarded and the natural ability to communicate with sales and customers, Jeff solves numerous customer issues; they don’t even know they have.  Jeff graduated with honors in Chemistry from the University of Salford, Manchester, UK and his Ph.D. Dissertation at University of Toledo: “Design, synthesis and evaluation of photoactive prodrugs for tumor therapy.

Why Fresh?

Because I love the fact that what I do here makes a difference every day, whether that be on the technical side, new product development side on the manufacturing side of the operation.  The team at Fresh challenges one another to be better, and that culture runs through the company and makes Fresh an exciting place to work.  We strive to be the best and manufacture the best products.  We’re not interested in making “me-too” products and copying a competitive idea.  We want to make products that are a whole bunch better than the competition and that means that there’s always exciting challenges ahead, especially when it means raising the performance standard and making our own products obsolete.  It’s a great place to work!

Favorite Quote

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” –  Winston Churchill

Operations Team

Britani Partin

Supply Chain Coordinator

R & D

Anthony Careatti

NPD Graphic Designer

SaraH Rachidi

Project Manager

Production / Shipping

Nick Yunker

Shipping Supevisor

Heidi Dunbar

Production Scheduling

Troy Coombs

Shift Supervisor

Kevin Hartman

Quality & Materials Supervisor

Troy Coombs

Shift Supervisor

Kevin Hartman

Quality & Materials Supervisor


Mike Mabry

Maintenance Manager

Paul Duran


Craig Burghardt


Molding Ops / Engineering

Mitch Niemiec

Dir. of Molding Operations