||Fresh Products is used in the Cleanest Gas Stations in the US

Fresh Products is used in the Cleanest Gas Stations in the US

Quality restrooms are a big concern for motorists. GasBuddy recently conducted a survey where they discovered 37 percent of travelers said a smelly gas station bathroom is one of their worst fears when road tripping. Fortunately, tools like GasBuddy have made it easier for consumers to find clean quality restrooms in the US, which is why we’re so glad to see a majority of our customers listed in their 2018 cleanest gas station restrooms list!

The impact of clean restrooms

Here at Fresh Products, we often talk about the impact a clean restroom can have on restaurant visits and employee performance, but we never took the time to look into the data regarding how a consumer’s bathroom experience may affect gas station footfall.  There’s always been this preconceived notion that a gas station bathroom is a gross place to visit. Unsurprisingly, 69% of consumers say they wouldn’t visit a gas station with poor cleanliness, and gas stations with cleaner restroom saw 33% more visits than those with below average cleanliness. Consumers can have many reasons for considering a restroom dirty. A survey by Cintas showed that a majority of consumers say a sticky floors, unflushed toilets, and bad odors are the top 3 signs of a poor cleanliness . Fortunately, Fresh makes products that solve 2 out 3 of those issues.

What this looks like

Fresh Products serves quite a few of the gas stations listed on the map above, with Wawa and Quick Trip being two of the largest.  Map aside, it makes us extremely excited to see some of the tweets that have been going around about two of our customer’s restrooms!

What this means

It’s fairly clear that restroom hygiene has a massive impact on foot traffic to your stores. As competition increases customer expectations also increase. While consumers are decreasing the number of trips to brick and mortar locations, they are increasing the amount of time they spend at each facility. There’s certainly been a shift in where consumers do their shopping with the advent of online retailers like Amazon, but 62% of consumers still want to see, touch, and try out an item prior to purchasing. This makes improving your in store experience imperative and all the more important for not just solidifying your customer base, but also your brand.

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