||Entire Restroom Smells Bad

Entire Restroom Smells Bad

Sometimes an entire restroom smells bad, from the entrance to the stall and everything in between. No matter how much it’s cleaned, it just won’t stay smelling clean. The solution is fragrance layering, with products that contain bacteria eating enzymes. Fragrance layering is when the same fragrance is used in every product throughout the restroom.

Products Used in These Instructions

Urinal Mat

Commode Mat

Fusion Metered Aerosol

Eco Air


Eco Bowl Clip

Tidal Wave 60 Day Screen

Bio Conqueror 105

What we suggest…

  • Place a Fusion or Eco Air at the entrance
  • Place mats at every urinal and toilet
  • Stick a Curve on or near the trash can
  • Place Eco Bowl Clip on every toilet
  • Toss a Tidal Wave in every urinal
  • Clean floors and drain regularly with Bio Conqueror 105
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