June 1, 2015

Subject:  SKU consolidation



At Fresh products, we strive to provide better products, to make spaces smell great.  As a part of the quest to make spaces smell great, we have added numerous products and fragrances to our bundle.  Often, these replace or supersede products already in the bundle.


We have reviewed the following items within our portfolio, and we will be discontinuing them effective June 1st, 2015.  We also have a recommend replacement product. 


Discontinued Item                                                                            Suggested replacement item


Hang Tag:  (EHTS and EHT) in the following fragrances

  • Citrus                                                                                       Curve in Citrus fragrance
  • Wintergreen                                                                            Hang Tag in Herbal Mint
  • Guava Pineapple                                                                  Hang Tag in Mango
  • Ocean Mist                                                                             Curve or Hang Tag in Cotton Blossom
  • Kiwi Grapefruit                                                                       Curve in Kiwi Grapefruit


DOME: (RUS) In the following fragrances only

  • Citrus                                                                                       W3D in Citrus, or DOME in Mango
  • Fabulous                                                                                 W3D in Fabulous


Eco Air In Fabulous fragrance only                                       Easy Fresh in Fabulous  


At Fresh Products, we want it to smell great.  Together we can create Fresher, Happier and More Productive Workplaces.   

All the best,


Pat Marcanio

VP of Sales & Marketing