Our Team

  • Doug Brown


    Doug has tireless passion for getting it right as seen through the numerous innovative products he has developed and patents he has co-authored. He assembles capable leaders who carry the business forward and continues to fine tune a winning process through the use of consultants and an outside board.  Doug spent the first 8 years of his career outside of the family business developing and proving his skills in roles of increasing responsibility in both accounting and sales for BP and Xerox.

    Why Fresh

    Why am I passionate about Fresh?  Because we aren’t on this planet very long so doing something worthwhile matters.  Fresh is my company and I don’t want you to say, “That Fresh air freshener is a little bit better than the others…I want you to say, “WOW, that was great”.  And as we are building great products, we are also building the company, the people of Fresh…it is hard, challenging, and definitely worthwhile.

    Favorite quote

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke

    “Now I know why I lose all the girls to you…it’s your stories!” - Bill Murray in Stripes

  • Dr. Jeff Smith

    VP of Operations

    As the technical architect behind Fresh innovation, Jeff has left his mark on the category and the industry.  With several patents awarded and the natural ability to communicate with sales and customers, Jeff solves numerous customer issues; they don’t even know they have.  Jeff graduated with honors in Chemistry from the University of Salford, Manchester, UK and his Ph.D. Dissertation at University of Toledo: “Design, synthesis and evaluation of photoactive prodrugs for tumor therapy.

    Why Fresh

    Because I love the fact that what I do here makes a difference every day, whether that be on the technical side, new product development side on the manufacturing side of the operation.  The team at Fresh challenges one another to be better, and that culture runs through the company and makes Fresh an exciting place to work.  We strive to be the best and manufacture the best products.  We’re not interested in making “me-too” products and copying a competitive idea.  We want to make products that are a whole bunch better than the competition and that means that there’s always exciting challenges ahead, especially when it means raising the performance standard and making our own products obsolete.  It’s a great place to work!

    Favorite quote

     “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” -  Winston Churchill

  • Ryan Rigney

    Chief Financial Officer

    Ryan has brought financial and strategic leadership to Fresh Products through diverse experience in the healthcare, automotive, and building materials industries.  With a focus on data-driven decision making, Ryan has continually changed processes and strategy throughout the Fresh organization.  His ability to analyze business from the daily performance on the plant floor to the long term vision of ownership gives Fresh a superior leader in the areas of finance, accounting, IT, and customer service. 

    Why Fresh

    Innovate, change, and improve - - this drives the success of our products and people.  Constant focus on this core value by our leaders is what makes me so passionate about working with the Fresh Products team.

    Favorite quote

    “Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing”.  -  Warren Buffet

  • Pat Marcanio

    VP of Sales & Marketing

    Pat joined Fresh to apply skills he acquired in large organizations to a smaller company where productivity and results are measured and noticed.  As former sales manager in both distribution and manufacturing, Pat was able to quickly crystallize the needs of customers and position products and programs to support users, and the channel.  His chemistry and business degrees are a unique combination and have proven useful in analysis and business case development for Fresh

    Why Fresh

    Fresh Products introduces new innovation every year.  We obsolete our own products, and introduce new ones to serve users and the channel in a way they never thought was possible.  We make your world smell great, while most are just trying to make it smell less bad.    Fresh ownership and board is never satisfied with how things are, and constantly look to upgrade our products and programs.  I love having new projects to work, products to sell and programs to market.  What could be better!

    Favorite quote

    “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” - Wayne Gretzky

  • Laura Brancheau


    In an environment where much change is the norm, it is important to have solid record keeping and strong foundational accounting principals.  Laura brings this consistency to the Fresh Team.  She has the backgroung in accounting through her experiences at NL Industries and Dura Corporation, and functional management from Fremont Plastic Products and Great Lakes Window.  Laura provides great insights for the team from her experiences and detail management since joining Fresh in 2001.

    Why Fresh

    The opportunity to make a difference on a daily basis brings excitement and endless possibilities to Fresh Products.  Everyone on the team strives to be the best at what we do.  Team members are continuously challenged to improve processes.        

    Favorite quote

     “Far and away the best prize life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing”, - Theodore Roosevelt

  • This is the rest of our team celebrating the Ohio State vs. Michigan game.